Day 8: What goes down…

If you are like me, and have read any number of diet blogs over the years, the one thing you will notice is that everyone has different opinions about various aspects of the weight loss journey.  Some believe that the latest exercise videos will get you to your goals.  Others think that the food you eat is the most important proponent.  Some say that losing weight requires strict adherence to a program with no cheating whatsoever, while other take a “cheat day” approach.  Of course, no diet would be complete without everyone and their opinions about the scale.

There are three schools of thought, “Always weigh yourself, ” “Never weigh yourself,” and “Occasionally weigh yourself.”  Proponents of each thought have great logic when it comes to defending their tried and true method.  The “never weigh yourself” people think the scale is not a good indicator of overall health.  They believe you should be judging your journey on how your clothes fit, or your vital statistic rather than a number on a scale.  The “occasionally weigh yourself” folks want to see the number on the scale falling, but they understand that day to day fluctuations could cause some panic when weight may go up by a half of a pound one day.  They suggest a more interval approach.  Once a week or once a month is good enough for them.

I, however, fall in the “always weigh yourself” camp.  For me, that means a daily weigh-in after I exercise and take a shower.  I do it at that time because I believe that will be the lightest portion of my day.  I also do it at that time because the scale is right next to the shower.  It’s hard to forget when I have to walk by the scale before I get my clothes out of the closet.  So, each morning I step on the scale and record the number it gives me.  Yesterday, after one week of success, there it was.  That dreaded fluctuation I had heard so much about.

I actually gained .8 of a pound.  Now I know that’s not that much, it certainly isn’t the end of the world, but when you don’t cheat on your diet and you get up and do your exercises it is a little disconcerting.  I know, because in the past, something like this would totally have derailed me.  I would have given up for a day.  I would have run out for a soda, a burger, a pizza and anything else that would make me feel better.  However, that would make the scale definitely go up again tomorrow, so I decided to take another approach.

Instead, I made the decision, right there in the bathroom, that on any day where the scale went up, I would put in an extra workout that evening.  I know I wouldn’t want to.  I know I probably didn’t need to.  Yet, that would be what I would do to keep me on track.  I would do something else, anything else, exercise related to keep me from doing something stupid that would derail my efforts.  Decision made, I was actually proud of myself and I went downstairs and fixed my approved breakfast quiche.

We all have choices, and what goes down, doesn’t have to go back up.  That can happen the other way too.  What goes up, doesn’t have to go down either.  If we fall back into old routines, well I know if I fall back into my old routine then the scale will go up and up and up and up, even further than it was before.  I want it to go down, and stay down.  There will be no permanent raise again.

So, despite the small fluctuation on the scale, day 8 was a good day.  I did 30 minutes of stairs training in my house and then attended a meeting, and went grocery shopping for a few days worth of meals.  After dinner I went to the gym where I did a little time on the treadmill, followed by some upper body strength training.  When I got home I was worn out, tire, and a little sore.  But, I was proud.  I was proud of what I had accomplished in week 1, proud of not giving up, proud of finding another solution, one that worked.

Breakfast: Tomato, Basil, Spinach, and Bacon Quiche (Forgot Picture)

Lunch: Grilled Chicken with Lemon Garlic Sautéed Zucchini


Snack:  Cheese (Cheddar and Habanero)

Dinner: Ginger Beef and Broccoli



Day 8 Goals: 30 Minutes Exercise, 10,000 steps, Eat According to Meal Plan

Goals Met?: Exceeded, more than 60 minutes of exercise and over 15,000 steps.

Day 1 Weight: 306.2

Day 8 Weight: 294.2

Weight Eradicated: 12 lbs.


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