Day 30: The Final Outfit

Steve:  I must say this has been fun.  For the past 30 days I have used a lot of the clothes in Heather’s closet.  I never used a piece twice except for shoes, and I have succeeded in picking out more than 30 different outfits.  The best part?  There were no vetoes.  Heather could have used them, but didn’t because she trusted what I picked.  Awesome.

Day 30 – Denim Jeans Skirt w/ Black and Red Tiger Striped Blouse and Black Sandals

Day 30 Outfit

 This denim skirt is another one of Heather’s go to pieces and I saved it for the end just in case I got backed into a corner.  I didn’t, of course, and was able to use it today.  Heather is out and about with her Mom today so this is perfect for that.  I believe this is another one of those pieces I bought at Dillard’s when Heather was deployed…if so, big shout out to Colleen again.

The blouse was originally going to be used last Friday night when Heather and I were supposed to go to Tampa for a show and a night out.  I was going to pair it with black pants and red heels.  Unfortunately, I was unable to go out of town this weekend, so the blouse didn’t get used then.  It is too cool not to get used in this experiment though, so I used it today.  It ties on the left side of the neck adding decoration.  I like it.

Day 30 ShoesBy now you are probably tired of seeing these shoes, but since Heather was out of town this weekend, it is another great reason to have them.  They go with anything.  That means she doesn’t have to pack 50 pairs of shoes for all of the great outfits.  Plus, she could wear them every day.  They show off her cute toes.

Tomorrow, I will post some thoughts on the experiment, and share the next experiment Heather and I will try in August.  Not sure I can be successful two months in a row, but I will certainly give it a go.  I am pretty sure Heather is game. I think she wants to get even.


Wow, a month has gone by so fast! This was a good outfit to end the month too. I got this shirt at that same consignment shop I’ve referred to in earlier posts. Funny, it seems like I got a lot at that shop, but I really didn’t. I guess that is what is mostly in my current wardrobe. This skirt is an easy go with anything type of skirt and so are the shoes. Steve had to pick out all my outfits for 4 days because I’m out of town and he did a great job. All the outfits worked and were fitting for all occasions. It looks as if tomorrow’s post is going to be our thoughts on the experiment so I’ll save my comments. Stay posted for next month’s challenge. A clue is Steve will be challenged again!


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