Day 29: A Moment of Silence

Steve:  Today is a sad day for Heather and I as we are learning the news that a fellow Soldier and friend, Captain David Haas, has passed away.  David was stationed with Heather in Iraq and Kansas, and led Bravo Company before Heather took charge from him back in 2010.  Our prayers go out to Dave’s family and to all the Soldiers affected by this loss.  This one’s for you Dave!  We will miss you.

As for the Schmitt Marital Trust Experiment, today is pretty simple.

Day 29:  Black Dress with Black Flip Flops

Day 29 Outfit

 This is a simple black dress that I bought for Heather when she was deployed.  I like it because it has the black with the black lace over top, so it is decorative and fun.  I know this is one of the dresses Heather can wear almost everywhere and is easy, so I saved it for today for a reason.  Today, Heather is celebrating her birthday at her parents home, and her entire family (except me) is going to be there.

Day 9 shoes 2The shoes are the same black flip flops Heather has worn at other times during the month and this may very well be the last time they are worn.  I think after a month of having me dress her, she deserves to buy a new pair of flip flops.  At least you can see her cutie patootie toes!



It’s kind of ironic that today ending up being a day dressed in black as we are mourning our friend, Dave Haas. I still cannot get over the shock of hearing this news. I will miss him. RIP, Dave.


This dress is definitely very practical and very simple. It works for a day with family. I miss you, babe.


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