Day 28: The last Two a Day!

Steve:  Today is another day when I have to pick out two outfits for Heather, but by the looks of the calendar, it is the last time I will have to do so this month.  The reason for this today is that Heather is in Sarasota for her 20 year high school reunion.  I know, I can’t believe it, but it is true.  Heather has been out of high school for 20 years.  Anyway, she didn’t want to wear her dress while driving over there, so she requested two outfits, and I accommodated.

Day 28, Part 1 – Blue Jeans, with Black, Yellow and White Top and Black Sandals

Day 28 Outfit 1

 This is the last pair of jeans in Heather’s closet so I am glad that I saved them for today.  She needed something comfortable for the drive to Sarasota.  These are pretty normal jeans, nothing special, unusual or extraordinary about them.  The top is a little odd I think and has sort of an optical illusion effect to it.  Heather doesn’t wear it very often, as has been the case with most of the clothes she has put on this month, but I am fine with this shirt finding its way to some other closet after today.  I think it bunches a little in the wrong places and the collar line is a little strange.

Day 28 Shoes 1I still have to say that Heather’s toes are just the cutest little things I have ever seen.  They are working it perfectly in the black sandals that we have used on more than one occasion.  It is kind of cool how the circles on the shoes match the circles on the blouse.  It does lend some symmetry to the outfit as a whole.

Now for the 2nd outfit.  First, I really wish I was with Heather for the reunion tonight because quite frankly, she is going to be the hottest girl there and I want to be there, but we have a sick little boy at home and so I am here watching him.  Fudge, our 6 year old Beagle, has some sort of bone marrow anemia that the vets are having trouble diagnosing.  So, I wish I was with Heather, but I couldn’t leave Fudge, so Heather gets to party with her friends without me.  Boo!!

Day 28, Part 2- White Dress with Dark Green and Light Green Polka Dots and Black Peep Toed Sandal Heels

Day 28 Outfit 2

 I was walking through Dillards one day when I saw this dress and immediately I thought it would look great on my wife.  It was more than 100 dollars at the time though, so I didn’t even think about buying it.  Then, one day when Heather and I were at Dillards together we saw a 50% off sign on this dress.  I made her try one on, and we both fell in love with it.  It is the perfect length, great support and a wonderful flow to it.  I LOVE IT! She is going to be so hot at her reunion.

Day 28 Shoes 2These shoes are also from Dillards, but from a couple of years ago.  They are Day 28 Shoes 2 2the Jessica Simpson’s Heather has already worn on one occasion this month.  I am not yet 100% convinced these are the best shoes or even the right colored shoes for this dress, but they definitely work and Heather looks hot in them.

Have a great time at the reunion babe.  I wish I could be there for ya.


I will make this short so I can go partay! The first outfit is ok, I’m not really fond of these jeans and the shirt is constructed a bit weird. It does bunch is the wrong places and now looking at this picture, I look pregnant. it’s not very flattering.

About my reunion dress, I LOVE IT! We went to Dillard’s one day just to look for dresses for our upcoming reunions and they were having a great sale. Steve picked this one out, but didn’t tell me until later that he had eyed it a few weeks before then. It fit perfectly. I’m amazed that he can look at a dress that may not look so spectacular on a hanger and know that it will fit me so well. I love my husband! And I am extremely sad that he’s not going to be with me tonight.



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