Day 27: It Is Not Too Fancy Babe!

Steve:  We are certainly coming down to the wire now, and while there are still plenty of clothes left in Heather’s closet, it is becoming a little more difficult to come up with proper attire for the proper venue.  Take today for example.  We decided to go see a movie and later we have to pick up my Dad from the airport.  Neither of these activities require anything fancy, yet I still want Heather to wear clothes that bring out the best in her.  I could settle for a pair of khakis and a plain colored t-shirt, but that wouldn’t be fair to her.  Therefore…

Day 27:  White Dress with Pink Straps and Pink Flowers with Pink Flip Flops

Day 27 Outfit

 So, I know this is the dress that Heather wore to church on Easter Sunday and the first thing she said to me when she saw that I had picked it out was, “This is too fancy.”  I wasn’t convinced, so she put it on and I must say that I think it works great for a day at the movies and a run to the airport.  To me this is a basic sundress with a pink ribbon belt.  There is a lacy mesh running underneath the skirt for added decor.  I have never been a fan of that mesh stuff, but it seems like more than a few dresses have it and it isn’t a deal breaker.

Day 27 ShoesCan’t really say much about basic pink flip flops so I really won’t try.  I will say that it is the flip flops that make this dress wearable everyday.  They bring it from Easter Sunday churchy to dinner and a movie.  Heather doesn’t wear these out very often and there is a pretty good reason, but I will leave that story for her to tell.

I can see having certain outfits for certain things, like a suit or a ball gown, but a simple dress is a beautiful thing and can be worn at almost any occasion.  Don’t leave it in the closet, let it out.  It will work.


I did believe today’s dress was definitely too fancy for what we had planned, but surprisingly it worked. And I’ve received two compliments on it since we’ve been out. Of course, that made Steve feel good too! 🙂  I did learn another lesson today by wearing a “fancy” dress on an ordinary day. I probably dress down more (meaning my usual t-shirts, shorts, jeans, etc) because I put too many things in the “too fancy” category when it’s actually appropriate to dress up a little more than usual. I won’t say what I use the shoes for, because when I think about it, I probably shouldn’t be wearing them! Toodles!


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