Day 26: The Final

Steve:  No, it isn’t the last day of the challenge, but rather the last day of class for Heather this summer.  Yeah, one semester to go and Heather will have her Master of Business Administration.  I am so proud.  Today, I wanted her to be comfortable.  She has so much on her mind, thinking about how she looks is not something that should worry her.

Day 26:  Jeans with Grey Tank Top and Black Sandals.

Day 26 Outfit Gorgeous as always.  The jeans are pretty basic except that they have some decorative accent striping running around the pockets, down the pant legs and at the cuffs.  I like them.  They make her butt look good too which is the whole idea for a pair of jeans isn’t it?  The grey tank top is fancy with the sequined collar.  It is light, airy and provides her with plenty room to breathe. Perfect for taking a final exam.

Day 26 ShoesWe have seen these shoes several times, but I like them because they are, once again comfortable and functional for test taking.  I also think this outfit would work with a pair of heels if she had somewhere to go after the test was over in order to celebrate.

Notice the cute toes have been done professionally this time.  She even has little flowers and gems on her biggest little piggie.


Steve makes me laugh with his descriptions, especially about my biggest “littleDay 26 Toe piggie.” What Steve did not mention was that this was the 2nd shirt we tried on. The first one was a fun hot pink, sequined top I bought at a consignment shop that I loved but it never really looked just right. I was hoping to one day fit into it, but Steve said it didn’t look very good and was made cheaply and since I trust his judgement, it is now in the goodwill bag. I love these jeans too, a bit snug when I’m a few pounds heavier, but today they fit. I also love my toes, I got a pedicure at the mall yesterday and they are very summery!


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