Day 25: Dresses are the Bestest

Steve:  Throughout the month, I have told the tales of how I purchased certain items of clothing for Heather.  Those items have been from stores I would go into normally.  Target, Dillards and Ross are places that I would shop for my own clothes, so buying Heather something from those places isn’t that strange.  Today’s outfit however is not from any of those stores.

Day 25:  White, Yellow, Black, Brown and Grey Patterned Dress with Brown Sandals.

Day 25 Outfit

 Ok, so now that you see the dress, you can see that it looks like Yellow flowers have different leaves that are more black and grey in color flying around them.  The elastic belt in the middle of the dress is a dark brown.  I picked this dress out one day when I was Day 25 Outfit 2walking by a store and saw this in the window.  I just thought it was different and would be great for Heather.  I was right!  Therefore, a big shout out goes to my friend Marlina Rhodes and her store Francesca’s Collections in Viera.  They have some great dresses, shoes and and accessories that might be a great fit for anyone.  I recommend you check them out.

So, when I first picked out the dress for today, Heather thought it might be a little too fancy for a day Day 25 Shoesof nail appointments and studying.  2 years ago I probably would have agreed with her, but today I don’t.  I think the dress is a lot more causal than I remember and when paired with sandals instead of boots or heels, they are a lot less fancy.

Couple of features on the dress – First, it has pockets, which Heather loves.  I think that automatically makes it a little less casual.  Second, it has elastic in the belt line and the neck line.  This helps shape the dress toward Heather’s body which is awesome if I do say so myself.

The shoes are the simple brown Duckhead sandals that Heather has worn before.  I like them with this dress because you can see her bright orange toes and because the little sew seam up the center of the sandal, kind of matches the ruffle in the neckline.  All together I think this outfit works.  It must, she wore it to the mall…I hope she isn’t buying new clothes.


I always thought of this dress as a fancier dress too, but I guess that’s because I usually wear it with heels or boots, but I agree with these sandals it becomes more casual. And it’s comfortable because I think it’s made from cotton so it feels like a t-shirt. I do love the fact that it has pockets, it makes it fun! I didn’t buy clothes at the mall today, but wait until you see my toes tomorrow!


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