Day 24: Presentation Day!

Steve:  Today is Heather’s presentation day in her Finance class which means that I had to find something that was appropriate for business wear.  I like being able to do that for Heather because it is so rare that she actually gets to dress like she is going to work.  Her normal job consists of wearing the Army uniform.  This is the most admirable thing should could wear, of course, but it does nothing for her beautiful frame, so this is a fun project for finding business clothes

Day 24:  Grey A-Line Skirt with Blue Blouse and Black Heels

Day 24 Outfit

 This grey skirt is another rarely worn piece that could probably be put with a number of things in her closet for a great outfit.  Today, I decided that it would make Heather look very professional.  If you have probably figured, I like Heather in skirts and this one really works for me.

The blue shirt with black specs has never been paired with this skirt before.  The neckline has a ruffle that adds to the look.  The sleeves are shorter than normal, but with a slight ruffle to them as well, they certainly help.  In fact, I think the fancy touches on the shirt work perfectly with the skirt because the A-Line skirt is no nonsense at all.

Day 24 Shoes 1This is the first pair of shoes I ever bought for Heather without having her in Day 24 Shoes 2the store with me.  They are from Target and I traveled to three different stores in Brevard County to find them in her size.  Safe to say, I really like them.  As you can see they are all black, but they are part patten leather, and part suede.  The designs on the toe run around the shoe and basically outlines them.  The only problem I can see, you can’t see her beautiful toes.


This is a great outfit for a presentation. I really like it, except the skirt is a bit restrictive. It’s very form fitting and narrow so I have to take little strides. These shoes were fun too, I rarely wear them. Again, no good reason. They did start making noise though, I think it was the toe polish rubbing the inside so it was squeaking a bit and I could hear it while I was doing my presentation. Steve said maybe I need some WD-40…LOL!


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