Day 23: What a Monday!

Steve:  You know when there are days when it just doesn’t seem to matter what you wear?  Yeah, today was one of those days.  I knew Heather had to go study at the local coffee shop, but honestly our thoughts were with our Beagle, Fudge.  Fudge has an anemia of some type and his numbers have dropped to dangerous levels again.  He seems to be doing better tonight, but this morning was scary and I didn’t really want to think about her clothes.  Therefore, I picked something I knew would be comfortable and functional.

Day 23:  Brown Dress with a Floral Pattern, and Black Camisole underneath and Tan Flip Flops

Day 23 ::outfit

I have no idea when, where or why Heather bought this dress, but it does look comfortable for her.  It is a light brown with two flowers in black.  I don’t understand why she normally pairs it with this cami because the straps don’t match up and they should, shouldn’t they?  Maybe not, what do I know?

Day 23 shoesHere are the tan flip flops again, I like them better with this outfit than a plain pair because they at least can add some texture.  The toes are still cute, but I think it’s time for a change of polish.  The little piggy that went to market is starting to peel.

That’s it for me, Heather, what do you have to say?


Well, we were definitely preoccupied with what was going on with our baby this morning. I did get my hair did here at the house this morning, more blonde highlights…can you tell? So, I bought this dress and the black stretchy dress underneath it together. Not sure why either. I mean it’s ok, but not outstanding. It’s comfortable and worked for today. Ok, now I’m going to paint my toes for tomorrow!


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