Day 22: The Red Shoe Diaries

Steve:  Another Sunday, which means church.  As an added bonus we are going to see the new Batman movie today.  That means, I had to decide whether to go with two different outfits or come up with something that works for both.  I went with the latter,  choosing a change of shoes only.  It definitely works, and might be one of my favorite outfits so far.

Day 22:  Black and White Patterned Dress with Red Pin Up Pumps for church and Black Sandals for the movie.

Day 22 Outfit

 I have no idea when or where Heather got this dress, but it’s certainly another one that she doesn’t wear often enough.  The pattern is probably supposed to remind us of a white tiger, which I guess is accurate.  Heather added the black piece at her bust line to make it a little more conservative because she wouldn’t wear the dress without it.  I actually think the dress would look better without the addition, but what do I know?

Day 22 Shoes 1These shoes are my favorite.  I call them the red pin-up pumps, because they remind me of Day 22 Shoes 2something a pin up model might wear during a photo shoot.  They are awesome.  As you can see the red is outlined with black pin striping and bows.  How hot is that?  Heather wore these to church this morning, and got lots of compliments on them.

For the movie, I decided the only thing that needed to be changed was the shoes.  Besides, we can’t have a day where we don’t get to see Heather’s cute toes, so here they are.  These are the same black sandals she has worn with a couple other outfits this month andDay 22 Shoes 3 they work, because they work with anything.    Off to see Batman now…


So, it didn’t count as a veto, but the original dress Steve had picked out wasn’t really going to work for both church and a movie. He went with this instead and I like it. I got this dress at the same consignment shop, which was in Kansas that I’ve referred to in earlier posts. I believe this dress was only about $5. What a bargain, right?

Now, my favorite part of this outfit is the shoes too! Love them! They are definitely a novelty and I don’t wear them enough. I’m not a huge shoe shopper, but am becoming more of one thanks to Steve.  I found these in Kansas too and had to have them, especially since they were only $14.99!! They are so fun and fit this dress rather well today. I need to get some red accessories to complete the outfit, but for today I carried a red purse. Now, to change into some shoes closer to the ground and go see Batman!


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