Day 21: Getting a Little Harder

Steve:  There are still plenty of clothes in Heather’s closet, but even with only 9 days to go, I am still not willing to use certain pieces yet.  Sticking to the plan means having to find some things that will work together.  Today’s outfit is definitely one of those things.

Day 21:  Brown Skirt with Pink Trim, Pink T-Shirt with Pink Camisole and Brown Flip Flops.

Day 21 Outfit

 This isn’t a great outfit, but it isn’t terrible either.  Heather had to meet with someone to study today and I think this is perfectly acceptable for a day at the library.  The skirt is mostly brown with a pink checkerboard pattern.  It comes right to Heather’s knee and should be worn more than it is.  The light pink t-shirt is probably Old Navy and certainly works.  I added the darker pink camisole underneath just to add a pop at the belt line.

Day 21 ShoesCan’t really say to much about these flip flops because, they are brown flip flops.  Hey, it’s Florida and it’s summer.  We wear flip flops!

I will say Heather’s toes are still very very very cute!

Heather: Wow, short blog today. Steve is tired. This outfit is definitely different. I’ve never paired any of it together before. I don’t have a good reason for not wearing this skirt more, it’s actually quite comfy. I forgot it was a stretchy skirt. 🙂  I like the cami under the shirt for added “pop” and lace. I’m not a big fan of this pink shirt though. It’s just a basic pink tee, but it’s boring to me. And the shoes, well yes…just flip flops.


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