Day 20: Two-Thirds

Steve:  Day 20!  Only 10 days to go.  I can’t believe Heather is not only still allowing me to go through with this, but she is actually enjoying it.  WOW!!!  I was asked recently how an experiment like this has anything to do with trust.  Well, let me explain.

It is a test of trust for both of us.  First, Heather has a lot more trusting to do.  She has to trust that I know her well enough that I am not going to make her feel uncomfortable in her own clothes.  She has to trust that I will pick out things that look nice and that I won’t take advantage of the opportunity to dress her in things that she doesn’t want to wear.  She takes a huge leap of faith in me here, and I appreciate it.

For me, I have to trust that Heather is going to allow me to have control for the whole month.  I have to believe she is going to let me complete the challenge without telling me that she has had enough and is tired of wearing things I picked out.  Not so much a stretch of me, but Heather has done a great job in assuring me that she has liked her clothes to this point.  So what do we have for this Friday?

Day 20: Long White Peasant Skirt with Ruffled Pink tank top with Flower and White Flip Flops

Day 20 Outfit

 Heather has absolutely nothing planned for the day…NOTHING, so I could have easily thrown her in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and called it a day.  Instead, I decided to use a tank top neither of us knew what to do with, and a skirt that I am not particularly fond of.

First the skirt.  Heather has had this skirt for a long time and I am not sure how or why these peasant things ever came into style, but I have never been a big fan.  For me a skirt or dress is perfect either right above or right below the knee, so this is certainly too long to count.  I guess its fine for the most part, just not one of my favorite things.

Now for the top.  There are these times when Heather will go shopping and will come home, pull stuff out of the bag and ask me what I think.  She knows pretty much immediately the answer and I don’t have to say anything, and this top definitely got the look of awfulness, but I think it was because of the skirt she paired it with, not just the top.  (You will not see the skirt she paired it with on my watch)

The top is ruffled which is cool, but the flower thing on the strap looks ragged and like it was placed there without a plan.  It almost looks like a group of weeds on the strap rather than a flower.  It has one pink strap and one clear strap holding it up, which is different, but I think I would just prefer the two pink straps, or get rid of the flower thing and the strap and make it strapless.  It might work better that way.

Day 20 ShoesNothing special with the shoes here except Heather’s toes.  These are just basic off white flip flops that are comfortable to be worn around the house.   I would say more about them, but really, what can you say about white flip flops.  Maybe Heather has more to say about them.


Nope, nothing more to say about plain, ole white flip flops. About the’s actually not too bad. It feels like a bit much for staying in the house all day, but I know Steve wanted to burn up using this skirt and top. I’ve never even considered putting these two together, but then again this top is so over the top that I think I’ve only worn it one other time.

I could’ve sworn Steve was with me when I bought it but he swears up and down, he was not. Who was with me? I remember buying it at this boutique in Aggieville in KS and it was on clearance. Go figure, right? What was I thinking? It makes me want to eat a cupcake! I’ve had the skirt for quite some years now and there’s not much to say about it except it’s a comfy, flowy white skirt. My toe polish doesn’t match this outfit and that bothers me a little…but not enough to change it now, it’s too late.


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