Day 19: This is Easy!!!

Steve:  It’s like someone pushed the Staples EASY button for me today, because this outfit wasn’t hard to pick out at all.  Truth be told, I have been holding on to this one since day one because I was waiting for some kind of special occasion.  Today, Heather has class, which isn’t a special occasion, but afterward, we are going to visit some awesome friends that are in town just for the day.  That is definitely special.  They won’t know how special it is though because they don’t read the blog.  A certain person in the family called this little experiment “scary!”  BOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Day 19:  Dark Jeans, White and Black Lace Tank Top with a Light Short Sleeve Red Sweater with Black Peep Toed Wedges

Day 19 Outfit

I like this outfit.  I know the jeans are going to work perfect for Heather’s class.  They are pretty basic jeans, fit her well and run the perfect length for the wedges.  One of my complaints when women wear heels with jeans is that they wear jeans that are too short for the heels they choose and it doesn’t look right.  I can’t really describe it any more than that, but I am sure you ladies know what I am talking about.

The tank top is a white tank with a black lace material over top.  It kind of looks fancy, and could probably be paired with a skirt or a pair of slacks and a jacket to be a great look for a night out.  (Ladies are so lucky that you can do that kind of stuff with clothes.  Guys can’t wear a tank top to a wedding, even with a jacket.)  The red sweater, or whatever it should be called, adds a pop of color and will keep Heather’s shoulders warm.  It also has pockets, something I hear the ladies like to have available.  It is a throw on piece that doesn’t close, so the fancy design of the tank top will not be lost.

Day 19 ShoesThese are probably the only wedges in the world that I like, and it wasn’t alwaysDay 19 Shoes 2 that way.  I remember very well the day in Dillard’s when Heather bought these.  My childhood friend, Colleen, is a manager at Dillards and has helped me immensely pick out clothes and shoes for Heather.  But, against my better judgement, Colleen convinced Heather that these wedges were great for so many things and that she would love having them.  Heather bought them, I suddenly realized that my friends were gonna love Heather more than me, and the rest is history.  I have actually grown to like them and with the peep toe, we get to see the new color on Heather’s toes.  They are so cute.  Thanks Colleen!  You can disagree with me whenever you want.  And you will be right, exactly this one time!


I really like today’s outfit too! This is another tank that got somewhat hidden in the closet and from what I could recall, I didn’t like the way it fit. I now realize that is because I didn’t have the right bra at the time. You girls know what I mean. But now that it’s been pulled back out, I love it and I think Steve did a great job at pairing it with this red jacket. Of course the jeans are great, they’re jeans!

About the shoes, yes I can’t believe Steve included his most hated type of shoe…the WEDGE! He is so adamantly against wedge shoes that when he sees girls wearing them, it disgusts him. I know, strong word, right? But, it’s true. Especially, the ones that have a cork wedge, he teases about placing a post it note on the shoe, which is actually quite funny. I’d love to see that! So, anyway I thought maybe they would grow on him with their ever increasing popularity, but nope. Apparently, these are ok and I’m cool with that because I like them too.


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