Day 18: Almost Overruled

Steve:  There are certain items in Heather’s closet that I just look at and I want to use, but for some reason, I don’t see a way to do it with other items.  Most of the time it is a shirt that Heather probably thought was cute, and pretty much always put with a pair of jeans or shorts.  But, I am taking a great deal of care to think outside the box with Heather’s clothes so that we can both see that she has a lot of different ways to wear a lot of different things.  Today was one of those days.

What is funny is that after Heather put the outfit on, and took the pictures, I could tell that she wanted so badly to veto me today.  It was in her eyes.  She wanted to wear something else, but decided against it.  Why?  I am not sure.  I guess she can explain that part.

Day 18:  Brown Skirt with White Trim and Tannish Shirt with Clear Sequins and a Tan Camisole and Brown Flats

Day 18 Outfit

 Let’s start with the skirt.  I like the skirt, but I have never really liked it on Heather.  I think it hangs a little lower than is optimal at right below the knee.  The challenge was pairing it with a shirt that Heather had that was more than just a t-shirt.  I can’t remember what shirt she normally wears with the skirt, so I had to do some searching.

What I came up with was this sequined tank top from Old Navy.  I had been trying to use this tank for the past couple weeks, but I didn’t think to pair these two items together until this morning.  When I put them next to each other, I knew it would work, but needed something else.  Enter the Camisole!

Heather doesn’t like this camisole, but I think it adds just enough to make the ensemble work.  The cami is actually  peeking out at the bust line and at the bottom and is a darker brown than the shirt.  I like it.

Day 18 ShoesWe have seen these shoes before and I like them with the skirt.  Heather might say they still have too much texture for the outfit, but I disagree.  I think they are great with the skirt, and if there is one thing I can take away from this experience it is the fact that we have to help Heather find more outfits to wear her different shoes with, otherwise we are going to see her in a whole lot of flip flops.

This is going to get a bit harder now because we are in the final stretch, but I will not give up.  I know I can complete this challenge and Heather might not even have to use a veto.


I don’t know what this nonsense is about seeing a veto in my eyes. I will categorize this outfit as OK. Again, I wasn’t sure how this was all going to look put together, but it kinda works. I love this sequin tank, it’s fun, but it is Old Navy so it’s made cheaply and it’s starting to get a little worn out, but it still sparkles!! The skirt is fine, this is another item that something happened to it in the wash. Maybe the tag says dry clean only, but I wash it, so you can actually see in this picture how the liner hangs a little below the skirt and that bothers me. The shoes actually work with it too. Can he really keep this up without a veto? I don’t know, we’re getting close.


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