Day 16: Girls Night Out

Steve:  Once again I am forced to pull double duty today as Heather has two different events.  First, she is headed to study with a classmate at a local coffeehouse here in town.  Then, she will be going out with some girlfriends to a special night at the Melting Pot where not only will they be enjoying stuff dipped in cheese, broth and chocolate, but also eyebrow waxing, make overs and hair styling.  I guess it’s Subway for Steve tonight!

In reality, I am very happy she is going out tonight.  Heather works very hard and I love that she feels free to get away for a night out with some of the greatest gals I know.  (You know who you are!)  Plus, since I picked out the dress, it means that I will get a little bit of the credit for how great she looks.  What am I saying.  Heather always looks great!

Day 16, Part 1: Khaki Mini Skirt with Zig Zag Tank Top and Pink Wedge Sandals.

Day 16 outfit

 This Khaki skirt is a little shorter than the other one that she owns and is denim in material I think.  I like it, but I think this will be the last time she wears it because apparently she sees stains on it.  I don’t see them, but I am blind to stains since all my clothes seem to have some type of BBQ sauce on them.  What can I say, I like BBQ!

The tank top is strange.  I can’t say whether or not I like it.  I definitely like the lace at the collar and at the bottom because it makes it better than just a basic undershirt, but there is something about the zig zags that just don’t sit right with me.  It might look cool underneath something else, but I am not sure I like it as a stand alone piece.

Day 16 ShoesThe shoes, oh the shoes.  These are obviously pink sandals that I call kitten wedges.  I have theDay 16 Shoes 2 same feeling about these things as I do the kitten heels we talked about on Day 1.  BLAH!  I think they work with this outfit because the pink color closely matches the pink color in the shirt, but that doesn’t mean I have to like them.  The white threading on the edges don’t work, and there is nothing that just stands out about them.  Of course I am probably wrong and you all will tell me that I am wrong.  That’s fine I can take it.  Let’s move on.

Day 16, Part 2:  Animal Patterned Blue and Black Dress with Black, Strappy Heels

Day 16 outfit 2

 There are some great things about this dress.  First, I like this length on Heather.  I think dresses that come right above the knee are the perfect length for her.  Second, the ruffle on the collar is awesome.  It definitely dresses it up for her girls night tonight.  There is a second decoration or ruffle at the bust line that runs vertical, but you can’t really see it in any of the pictures.  It is cute, but also causes a complaint about the dress.  Heather will tell you about that.

Day 16 Shoes 2This is another cute pair of shoes that Heather rarely wears and would never have paired withDays 2 Shoes 2 2 this dress.  I picked them because I was told that tonight had to be dressy and I didn’t want to put her in flip flops.  To make them a little fancier there are some black sequins on the straps that make them sparkle just a little bit when the lights hit them in the right way.  I like them, and hope Heather will wear them more when this experiment is over.

One last thing…did you notice that Heather changed her toe nail polish in between outfits.  Cute toes in any color.  So glad I got to show them off twice today.

Heather: About the first outfit of the day…I was once again amazed when I saw what Steve put together when it was hanging in the closet, simply because I’d never put any of these together. I used to wear this skirt more often, but it’s not getting much wear these days because it seems to have gotten a little shorter and as mentioned it does have some stains on it that look like it might have happened in the wash. Ya know, when laundry detergent or something else in the laundry leaves strange stains on your other clothes?

About the top, I wasn’t sure how this was going to look as a stand alone either because I do usually wear it under something else, but it worked for the most part. I am somewhat self conscious about the fact that it looks a bit like a lingerie top. For those of you that watch the show Army Wives, I felt like this was a “Roxy LeBlanc” outfit! I do like the shoes with it, as it draws the pink out of the top and allows me to wear these shoes with more than the one dress I bought them for..multi-purpose, I like it!

Outfit #2: I really do like this dress. Steve doesn’t remember it, but he was with me when I picked this out. We were at Ross and he was picking out some dresses for me to try , and I picked this one out. When I came out of the dressing room, he really liked it and I felt it was worth the purchase because it was only like $15. It’s perfect for a Ladies Night Out! Now, the part that bothers me about it is due to the gathering of material up by the ruffle between my bosom.  The dress tends to have a bubble in it and makes me look bigger than I am. It’s hard to describe, but I have to occasionally pull the dress back down around where it’s supposed to be to try to alleviate the bubble, so it’s kind of a pain. The shoes I’ve had for a while. I’m sure I got them for some semi-formal dress, but they work here and again… another shoe that doesn’t get nearly the amount of “foot time” they deserve!



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