Day 15: Whoa! We’re Halfway There…

Steve:  …and at this point, Heather is living on a prayer if she thinks that I can’t get through the rest of this month without repeating any articles.  At this point, I am feeling fairly confident that I can make it through this month without getting vetoed, and with repeating any outfits.  That’s so nice!

I would like to give a big thanks to several folks who have encouraged both Heather and I during this experiment.  It is great to know that people are following, and are actually waiting to see what Heather is wearing each day.  Letting Heather or I know that you are enjoying the blog and will continue to follow is worth the journey that we are on.  Hopefully, we will all learn something too!

With that said, here is DAY 15…the halfway point.

Day 15:  White Dress with Blue, Red and Brown Swirly Designed Patterns and Flowers with Blue Peep Toed Heels

Day 15 outfit

 This is a great dress.  Today is Sunday so I needed something that would work for church, and I know this works.  The pattern is fun and pretty much impossible to describe, but as you can see there are flowers, and maybe leaves, and circles and swirls and it is just fun.  Heather added the little blue thing across the bust, which I guess makes my conservative girl a little more comfortable.  The hemline at the bottom has an unfinished look which works with fun nature.

Day 15 shoesNow for my favorite part of the outfit, the shoes.  These are awesome blue metallic looking Day 15 shoes 2peep toed heels.  I am taking 100% of the credit for these because I bought them one day while Heather was at work, and she loved them immediately and wore them out to dinner that very night.  The best part is that they were on the clearance rack at Dillard’s and I got them for about $15 bucks.  Gotta love a deal!

 I think what drew me to the shoes is the color.  They look like they have a paint job much like a car would have.  I can imagine driving around in an awesome sports car with this paint job.  I would even stripe it with the color on Heather’s ever cute toes.  Heather’s turn!


Yes, the shoes are definitely the best part of today’s outfit! To Steve, they look like car paint but to me they say Super Hero! I don’t know what it is, maybe Superman Blue or something… anyway these shoes created a revelation for me today. I’m actually learning through this challenge and today as I watched Steve looking in my closet to find an outfit, I noticed something I very rarely ever do and that is… he started with the shoes.

Ok, I’m actually going to go a little deep here, which is therapeutic for me…but, I love his creative process. He knew these were cool shoes and that I love them, but never wear them because I don’t take the time to put them to use. This made me realize a pattern in my life of avoiding critical thinking or allowing myself to be creative. We get stuck in a rut and just wear or do the things we always do because it’s what’s comfortable or we don’t want to make our brains have to work.

Ordinarily, I would just grab this dress and put on my usual brown flip flops because it’s comfortable. I believe this is why most women say, “I don’t have anything to wear!” We don’t take the time to create different outfits from clothes we already own, instead we go buy more! Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for getting new clothes because it’s fun and sometimes absolutely necessary, but if we’re honest with ourselves I think we could find more to wear if we put more thought into it and got creative! Steve is totally going to love this revelation, and yes he deserves another kiss for not only pairing up great shoes with an old dress, but for also teaching me something today! I love you, babe!


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