Day 14: 2 Weeks Already?

Steve:  We are at the two week point now, and for a little change, I thought I would start by posting a picture of what I had to wear when some people picked out my clothes last night.  Interesting stuff to say the least.

Day 14 SteveHere it is.  I am wearing grey baseball pants with a black belt and Tony Hawk skater knee pads, Trent Dilfer Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey with green calf sleeves and batting gloves.  I have a black cape on, and the ensemble wouldn’t be complete without my shades and the blue Power Stick of Power! Oh, and just for good measure, there is an umpire chest protector under the jersey.

I guess proving the point that I am picking out great stuff for Heather is rather easy since this is what happens when you let friends pick out your clothes.  Thanks alot Mike, Bill, Dena, Judy and Melissa.

Alright, now for some truth.  Last night was our church’s first ever, 1 and Done family fun event.  Instead of doing a traditional week of vacation Bible school, we did 1 night of fun, games and lessons.  I played MVP, the Most Villainous Player and in the picture below were the Super Heroes of the evening.  Maybe I could get that princess costume for Heather.

Day 14 Steve 2

 Alright, now that dress up is over, back to the business at hand.  We are now 2 weeks down and I must say that Heather has done a great job trusting me to pick out her clothes.  I can say that her closet is starting to dwindle a little and I might have to get a little creative in order to make outfits work, but I am confident that I can do it, and do it in a way that fits what she has going on each and every day.  Not promising she won’t be wearing a ball gown to the beach bbq, but I am hoping it won’t have to be that way.  You will also notice that 2 weeks in and she still has not used a veto!

Day 14:  Orange Flowery Skirt with White t-shirt and Light Brown Camisole underneath and Duck Head Sandals.

Day 14 Outfit

 Today, Heather will be studying most of the day and then heading to a very informal party one of her classmates is throwing.  Because of that I wanted her to be comfortable, but ready to go to the party.  This is the chosen outfit.  The skirt is flowy and flowery with hints of pink and brown on the orange background with white flowers.  When Heather first bought this skirt I was not impressed, but I have to say that it has grown on me over time.  Now, I don’t mind it so much.

Day 14 Outfit 2As you can see by the picture to the left, the t-shirt is a basic white tee and is very light weight so it is perfect for the summer.  There is a bit of decoration to it though because the collar has a bit of fraying to it which I believe was intentional.  It certainly is the basic Hanes Her Way white undershirt.

The Camisole underneath is a light brown and matches the brown in the skirt.  The lace top that peeks out of the shirt adds a bit of decoration to the collar and gives the overall look just that little extra so that Heather can go to her party tonight.  It also peeks out at the bottom.

 The shoes are a Duckhead brand brown sandal, and all I can remember is how I wasn’t Day 14 Shoesallowed to have a Duckhead shirt when I was teenager because they cost too much. I would have bought one in college, but when I started buying my own clothes, it seemed more important to have more than one shirt.  I don’t know if they really were expensive, but if I couldn’t get them at Target or Walmart I wasn’t a buyer.

These shoes are ok, but nothing special. I don’t think Heather likes them that much, but they are a little better than regular flip flops, so given the little extra added by the cami, I thought these would be good.  I am not sure Heather would agree, but let’s find out.


This outfit works for today’s plans of spending time in front of a computer screen and then getting together with a few friends from school later. I actually bought this skirt and shirt as an emergency outfit last summer on a trip to DC when I didn’t pack enough clothes. I dragged my poor friends around the mall because I couldn’t decide on anything and ended up settling on these which I think were on sale at Banana Republic, which is not a store I normally shop in because it’s TOO EXPENSIVE! So, this is not a cheap Hanes Her Way t-shirt but is rather a softer, higher quality, overpriced t-shirt that apparently looks like something I can get from WalMart…nice! Once again, I like how Steve added the cami underneath to add color. I’ve also done this with this skirt, but not with the white shirt. Oh yeah, and I remember the crap I got for buying this skirt because he didn’t think it was cute. I didn’t care because I liked it, but I’m glad to know it’s grown on him. I don’t remember getting these shoes, but they are just OK. I wear them as an alternative to flip flops, but not very often. Must get back to schoolwork now.



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