Day 13: Casual Friday?

Steve:  I can think of nothing better than coming home from the gym, changing the sheets on the bed and then  remembering that I have to pick out an outfit for my wife.  OK, there are a lot of things better, but this really is a lot of fun in someways, and I think I might actually be learning some things about Heather and about the way women think about their clothes.  Perhaps, I will one day share what I am learning, but for now, I will continue to digest on those thoughts.

Day 13: Fun, ruffly, light  brown, black and tan dress with black sandals.

Day 13 Outfit

For the untrained eye, this may appear to be a leopard or cheetah print dress.  When I purchased this a couple years ago, I am sure that is what drew my eye to it originally.  But, it is not an animal print for any animal that I recognize.  It is a fun dress though, and I believe Heather likes it because it is light weight, flowy and comfortable.

The sleeves have a bit of poof and ruffle to them for decoration which breaks up the monotonous lines of the dress.  Actually, this has that same square neck line that the green shirt from yesterday has, but I think the ruffles is what makes this collar work.  See, I really am learning things.  The dress hits right above the knee and has a elastic cinched area at the belt line to give it a better shape.  I like it, but of course I do, I bought it without Heather even being in the same country.

Day 13 ShoesI don’t  really have too much to say about the shoes because we have talked about them before.  I will say this though.  The circles on the shoes tie in nicely to the circles on the dress.  I did that on purpose.  Heather toes are a wonderful color to go with the dress and the shoes and they really stand out.  It’s awesome that her toes are so cute.  Not everyone, myself and pretty much every other guy included, has cute toes.

What does Heather have to say about this outfit?  Let’s find out!


I do like this dress, probably for the exact reasons Steve stated – it’s light, flowy and comfortable. I think I may have actually been there when we bought it though because I believe we got this dress at Target after we took back some of the mini-wardrobe he surprised me with when I came home for R&R in 2010 – which was one of the sweetest things he’s ever done! As stated in a previous post, these shoes are perfect for many different occasions. They can dress up a simple dress very easily. So much that now that I’m “dressed up” I feel like I need to go out, which is bad because we will probably end up eating lunch out and we’ve been doing that too much lately. And, now I’m not in the mood to sit and do schoolwork. 😦 Not good. Why does tomorrow always sound like a better day to get stuff done?


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