Day 11: Get Out of the House

You know those days when you know that you should do something, but you don’t really want to do that thing which you are supposed to be doing.  Of course you do, we all do.  Well, Heather is having one of those days today, and I really don’t know how to dress someone for “I don’t wanna!”  But, taking on the challenge, as I have all month, I decided to get her out of the house for lunch and a little studying at the best free WiFi spot on the planet…our local Panera Bread.  First, I had to pick out something for her to wear.

Day 11: Purple shorts, with light yellow tank top and flip flops.

Day 11 Outfit

Let’s start with the shorts.  When Heather brought these home I was not impressed.  I think it is the color more than anything else.  After my initial thoughts, I collected myself, and remembered that it was just a pair of shorts.  She doesn’t wear them that often, and a good reason for that is that I had to dig to the bottom of the drawer just to find them.  She may not have even remembered they were there.

The top is pretty great, I think.  It is a dull yellow tank top with wider shoulder straps and a cool collar that kind of scoops into the V-neck shape.  This creates the fancier effect I believe.  The bottom of the shirt has a knot on one side adding further to its decorative nature.  At first I didn’t think the shirt would pair with the shorts well, but once she put them on, I thought they fit quite nicely.

Day 11 ShoesThere isn’t too much to say about the shoes since we have talked about them before.  They are a little fancier than basic flip flops and I chose them for today because the light beige on these match the shirt pretty close.  I am just good like that.

You may have noticed that Heather decided to paint her toes today.  I am not sure why, because I liked the other color and it hadn’t started to chip or anything.  I guess she just likes the attention a brighter color will bring.

Pretty easy day for me and I didn’t have to waste a skirt, dress or pair of pants.  This is going to be cake! Heather asked me what I get if I win, and I guess I need to start thinking about that don’t I.  Maybe a bigger TV, or new laptop.  Bragging rights, yeah, bragging rights!!!


Hey, where’s the comment about my cute toes? My gosh, I even changed the color! Yeah, it’s one of those days where I didn’t really need to leave the house because I don’t have class tonight, but then I didn’t feel like doing schoolwork if I stayed at the house. I had to make him pick an outfit today, because I’m making this too easy by staying home and letting him pick out rags to wear.

About the outfit, I got the shirt at this awesome consignment shop I found right before we moved from Kansas. It was only like $5, but since I’ve owned it, I think I may have ruined it a little. It says dry clean only and I refuse to do that, so I wash it with my delicates and I wash all those together, light and dark, so the yellow is not as bright as it used to be and I think it’s lost some of its shape. I think I got the shorts at Target, just to have another pair of shorts. They don’t go with much, so I don’t wear them very often and that’s why Steve found them at the bottom of the drawer. I never thought to put these two pieces together, so another pat on the back for Steve! Love you, babe!


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