Day 10: Presentation Please

Steve:  “Remember, I have a presentation tomorrow.”  These are the words I heard when I was standing, staring at Heather’s clothes looking for today’s outfit.  A presentation?  A presentation?  Ok, a presentation!  I must put together something businesslike for her, so that she looks confident, respectable and professional.  This is what I came up with.

Day 10:  Black slacks, with Purple, Black and White Fireworks blouse, and Maroon Peep Toes.

Day 10 Outfit

 Now, normally for a presentation or professional outfit I would have picked out a dress or skirt for Heather, but because she also has to sit through the rest of the class, I remembered her aversion to cold and chose these black dress pants instead.  They fit great.  The shirt is cool.  I call it the fireworks shirt because the black and purple colors look like they are exploding all over.  The fancy neckline and shorter sleeves give it that professional look she needed for her presentation.  Overall, not too shabby.

Day 10 ShoesI remember buying the shoes one day while Heather was at work.  Yes, every Day 10 Shoes 2once in a while I buy clothes and shoes for my wife without her being there.  Is that good or bad?  I dunno, but she likes it.  These maroon peep toes (thank goodness, I can see her cute toes) were on sale that day and I think I wanted to get them so that we could start adding some color to her shoe collection.  Back then everything was either black or brown.  Blah!  I will let her tell you about some issues she had with them and how she fixed it.

All in all, this is a nice outfit that hopefully Heather will think about wearing more often now.  It works for so many different things.  She could wear it to church, or out to dinner, or to school.  I hope we can find other outfits that allow her to wear the heels too.  They are really cool, in my personal opinion.


This was a great outfit for my presentation. I’ve actually worn it before for presentations and made it a little fancier by adding a black jacket, but this works for summer. The shoes are new to the outfit, so good job Steve! I never thought to add them because ever since he bought them they’ve been a little loose in the back and my heel slips out of them when I walk. So annoying, and I pretty much ruled them out. Until today, Steve suggested putting band-aids on them and then I remembered I bought some heel pads for another pair of shoes that I never needed and they worked on these shoes. So, problem solved…for the most part. I think it’s sweet he considered I would be cold in class and put me in pants. I love you, babe!


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