Day 9: Just in Case?

Steve:  There are those days in life where you just don’t know if you are going to have to leave the house.  Today was one of those days for Heather.  At least it was one of those afternoons.  First we had to get out of the house for a little sun action.  That’s right, Heather wanted to go to the beach.  So, I did what any reasonable husband would do when his wife is going to go to the beach without him.  I made sure she was covered up!

Day 9, Part 1:  Blue and Brown Sundress with “Beach” flip flops

Day 9 Outfit 1

 Ok, ok, I didn’t just pick out this dress for Heather to wear to the beach.  There is a bikini on underneath it, but you don’t get to see that. (my decision or Heather’s?)  Anyway, I am not a big fan of this dress because I believe it is a too big for her, which is why I made it the dress she can wear over her bikini.  I probably wouldn’t have picked it for anything else anyway.  The design is kind of cool, but too big, doesn’t fit properly, never has.  (and she knows it)

Day 9 Shoes 1The flip flops are Heather’s “beach” flip flops or so she tells me.  I think she said that once upon a time because they reminded her of something Jimmy Buffett would wear, or would sing about or something like that.  To me they are just another pair of flip flops, but I suppose with the little fringe and two tone colors they work with this dress.

Day 9, Part 2:  Black Mini Skirt, Maroon Pocket T-shirt, Black Flip Flops.

Day 9 outfit 2

I am calling this a “just in case” outfit.  I call it that because I am not sure if Heather is leaving the house for the rest of the day and just want to be prepared in case she does.  Surprisingly, I kind of like this.  I can’t remember where Heather got the skirt or how long she has had it because I don’t think she wears it very often.  But she should right?  It is casual, not fancy and would go with just about anything.  The maroon shirt is just one of a number of different colored pocket T’s she has so you might see this again in yellow or green.

Day 9 shoes 2These black flip flops are on their last legs.  I remember exactly where these came from because she left her last pair of black flip flops in a hotel room and so we had to go get new ones that very afternoon.  These are a little decorative with beading on the straps, but her last ones had sequins on them and were more sparkling.  Heather likes sparkling.

Check out the toes…aren’t they great?

As it turns out Heather did not need to leave the house for the rest of the day, so I don’t think this should count, and I should be able to use it again.  What does Heather think?


Ah, the beach was refreshing and much needed this morning. Gotta start working on this tan for our 20 year reunions and vacation coming up real soon! I know this isn’t the prettiest dress, but it is very lightweight, very easy to throw on and it doesn’t matter if you wear it forward or backward, there is no tag inside! And it was only $10.  They were selling them one day outside of the Air Force base exchange. I guess it’s the perfect cover up/beach dress and it matches my bikini pretty well, but you can’t see that…my decision 🙂

The “just in case” outfit is cute. I do wear these pocket t-shirts all the time. I got them at Target and I liked them and they were cheap. I got 2 more in green and blue. They go perfect with shorts or these skorts. These are just like the denim ones I wore on July 4th. I believe I got them at JCPenney’s and they are very comfortable and casual. Yes, these flip flops are about done. They never did compare to the last pair I had, which I was so bummed when they literally disappeared out of our hotel room in Kansas. I remember, it was last year when Steve flew up to celebrate our anniversary. Yes, they are sparkly and I do like sparkly.


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