Day 8: Surprise!

Steve:  There are moments in life when you see something you haven’t seen in quite a while and wonder why you haven’t had more interaction with that thing.  It could be the juicer that is sitting in my cabinet.  I intended to make fresh juice every morning, but it has ended up a once or twice a year thing.  For some it could be the treadmill in the corner.  I bought one of those with the intentions of walking and running everyday during primetime TV.  Now it is in a thrift store, holding clothes.  It could be anything…even clothes.

Day 8:  Yellow and brown dress with brown flats

Day 8 Outfit

 I remember very little about this dress.  I don’t know where it came from, who bought it, or whether or not I picked it out.  But I love it.  I think this is a perfect Florida dress.  It’s light, has some give to it so it won’t be hot and sticky and it flows.  Plus the design and colors seem to work perfect with Heather’s skin tone.  Plus, its got a little sexy to it as well, which works for me for sure.  I think this could be great for almost any occasion we would find ourselves in.  Today it happens to be church and then a class meeting she has.  It is certainly great for those.

Day 8 Shoes 1The shoes are Sam and Libby’s (I remember that all the girls had those when I was a teenager)  I was not around when Heather bought them, although she did text me a picture of them, like I could tell what they would look like through a camera phone.  I like the little details on these shoes.  The small bow isn’t overstated like so many are today and the faux animal skin makes it look fancier than it is.

 Heather and I have not had much luck with flats.  For some reason they never quite look right on her feet.  But these work really well, and for that I am excited.  It means there is hope for finding other flats that she will be able to wear. Plus, they are more comfortable for her to wear throughout the day.  The only problem with them is that they don’t show off her cute toes.

I think this is a great outfit, and I hope that Heather will wear this dress more often in the future.  It is one of those things that end up in the back of the closet and gets forgotten.  There is a life lesson there isn’t there?  Many times we shove our blessings to the back of the closet and forget about them.  Then when we find them we remember how great they are.  Maybe, if we keep them out and use them more often, we will remain blessed more than we imagined.  Think about it. I could be wrong.  What do you think Heather?


I don’t know about the deep philosophical moment here, but yes this dress did get hidden in the closet.  I don’t wear it often becauseDay 8 clip it doesn’t have adjustable straps and they’re kinda loose which makes me feel paranoid about falling out. So, we modified it, as seen in the photo. I know these strappy things aren’t supposed to be seen, but it was clear so I thought we could get away with it, and Steve said it didn’t look bad.

About the shoes, I recently found these at the Air Force base and thought they were a really cute flat and we’ve been searching for some brown flats. I sent a picture to Steve to get his opinion because I’d rather hear it now rather than get them home to hear about how he hates them. Apparently, I did a good job. It’s good to know I AM able to still pick out some things. In my opinion, these shoes don’t really go with this dress. I think this is a flip flop dress. It’s fine to wear flats with this dress, but I don’t think these have the right texture, the snakeskin look doesn’t fit.


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