Day 7: Twice in One Day?

Steve:  This is going to be quick because, it has been a long day, and I am tired.  Today, I had to do something new.  I had to pick out two outfits in one day.  Heather and I went to our church’s thrift store this morning to help out a little, and then had an event tonight that was certainly a little fancier.  So without further ado.

Day 7, Part 1:  Nomad Church T-Shirt, Khaki Shorts, Sneakers

Day 7 outfit 1

Since she was going to the Nomad Thrift Store, Segunda Vida, to do some volunteer work, I thought the shirt was appropriate.  The shorts are basic, and Heather wears them a lot I think.  She may wear a different pair of Khaki shorts a lot which begs the question, How many pairs of khaki shorts does one person need?

Day 7, Part 2:  Turquoise multicolored Dress, with Jessica Simpson heels.

Day 7 outfit 2

 This might quite possibly be my favorite dress that Heather owns.  I actually picked this off a rack, asked Heather to try it on and when she came out of the dressing room, told her she needed to go change, pay for the dress and take me home.  I absolutely love how she looks in this.  Tonight, we went to a show event at the local theater (not movie) and I knew this was the dress to choose.  I think it looks kind of like a peacock.

Day 7 ShoesThe heels are black Jessica Simpsons from Dillards.  How do I know that?  Because I Day 7 Shoes Sidebought them when Heather was deployed.  Big thanks to my friend Colleen who helped me pick out a bunch of clothes and shoes so Heather would have something to wear when she came home for a couple weeks during her deployment.  Colleen did not pick these out though, I did.  Heather doesn’t love heels, but sometimes she wears them just for me, and I love her even more for it.  Plus, don’t these just show off those cute toes perfectly?

There it is…a two for one day.  I had to blow through two outfits today, so now I have to have at least 31 different things for Heather to wear.  Not an issue!  Here’s Heather!


Whew, two outfits in one day! This morning’s outfit was fine and made sense — the church shirt and a pair of shorts with sneakers. Although it was pretty hot out and a black shirt gets hot. Tonight’s dress worked. I know it’s Steve’s favorite, along with the heels. I can only wear the heels for so long before I’m kicking them off, which I did during the event. 🙂


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