Day 6: A Revelation

Steve:  Last night, while Heather was in class, I decided to go start looking for her outfit for today.  The problem I ran into, after just 5 days, was that I couldn’t see all of the clothes through the clutter.  It was then that I had a revelation, a realization really.  I came to understand that the reason a lot of women think they don’t have anything to wear is because they can’t see everything that they have.  Here’s a clue, if the hangers are so close together that you can’t move them at all.  Then you have too many clothes too close together.

I took the initiative necessary and started moving things around.  She had skirts and pants with sweaters.  I moved them.  She had t-shirts with dresses.  I moved those too.  I even took some of the clothes that I knew I wouldn’t be using over the course of the month and moved them to my side of the closet.  (Hindsight is telling me that was probably a mistake, and that I have probably lost that territory forever.)  I had to organize her side of the closet if I was to have any chance of success this month.  That’s my story and I am sticking too it.

Now for the day.  We have a couple outings today including a wonderful date night tonight with friends.  I love Heather in dresses for events like this so…

Day 6 outfit

Day 6:  Black, Purple, Tan and White mini dress with funky neckline, and Black Sandals

I can remember when Heather bought this dress because it was one of those that I picked off the rack and then had to basically beg her to try on.  I get that sometimes you can look at something and say that you hate it, but by taking a chance and trying this one on, I think Heather got a great look.  It falls to the perfect length, just above the knee and come on, you have to give me the funky collar.  It’s just cool.  Here’s a close up, and another great picture of my beauty.

Day 6 Neckline

 Day 6 shoesNow for the shoes.  I like these black sandals which Heather calls her in between black shoes.  They are in between because they aren’t black flip flops, but they aren’t the black Jessica Simpson dressy heels that she would wear if we were going somewhere a little fancier either.  Actually, they do work with a wide variety of clothes and she wears them a lot.  It took a lot of work to find the perfect pair of in between black shoes, but finally, we found these at a shoe store in Tampa.  I always knew there was a lot of great things in Tampa.  Go Bulls.

Well, that’s it for Day 6.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  Heather let me pick out the color of her new toe polish.  What do you think?  I like it.  She’s still got cute toes!!!  Heather, your turn.


I feel like a Barbie doll letting Steve dress me…LOL! Umm, about the closet…so he told me when I walked in from class last night that he rearranged my closet…excuse me? I said, “Ok, I think now you’re overstepping your boundaries in this little challenge!”  But, lucky for him, I’m so easygoing that I honestly didn’t mind, besides I consider myself a pretty organized person and funny enough my closet wasn’t really organized. So, he did do a good job.

Today’s outfit is perfect for the events we have planned. We’re going to have lunch with my family down in Sebastian and later tonight we’re going to dinner/movie. This dress is fun and funky, however what I don’t really love about it is that it hangs straight down and really isn’t form fitting for a dress. The shoes, I love. When I found these, I knew they would be perfect and go with many things. Ok, we’re off for lunch! Enjoy!


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