Day 5: Mid-Term Madness

Steve:  Today is one of those pretty boring days in the Schmitt house.  Heather has a midterm in her finance class today, and is therefore regulated to her books.  I didn’t want her to get cold during her test, so I chose an outfit that should be nice and comfortable so that she can focus on the answers and not on what she is wearing.

Day 5:   Khaki pants with a printed blouse and simple brown shoes.

Day 5 Outfit

Ok, first, can someone please tell me what kind of print this is supposed to be?  When she first brought it home, I thought maybe it was supposed to be some kind of animal print, but I cant figure out which animal came off the ark with this print.  I see leaves in it, so I will go with that.  I like the top, and I think it looks good, but it kind of bugs me that I don’t know what the design is supposed to be.

The pants are simple enough, but simple khakis are good because they work with so many different things.  They are lighter than most khakis I have seen, but I think that helps the two tone colors in the shirt pop a little bit more.

Day 5 shoesNow for the shoes.  I don’t like them.  They are simple, have no style, and they don’t show off her beautiful toes.  After painting her toes specifically for the holiday yesterday, I had to give her a chance to change the polish though.  Not sure blue and red alternating paint would have looked right with such a brown themed outfit.  The only decorative part of them are the two “baseball” type seams running down the sides and those don’t redeem the shoes at all.  They are flat bottomed and open backed which means easy and comfortable.  Two of Heather’s favorite words.

Oh well, the outfit is simple and functional and I know she will be comfortable, and she looks great in it.  She wears these shoes all the time in the winter.  I wonder if I can get them to a thrift store before then?  Crap, did I type that out loud?  Time to get Heather’s thoughts.


Ha ha, very funny! I’m not sure what animal print the shirt is, I don’t think it is one. Anyway, I do like the look of this shirt, however it bothers me a little when I wear it because the edges are a little itchy. Not sure why, maybe the gold thread that is weaved throughout it is itchy material. Yes, the khaki pants are simple and the shoes…well the shoes are ok. I’m not a huge fan of them, but I do wear them mostly in the winter for a closed toe shoe, even though the back is open. I definitely prefer flip flops or sandals this time of year.


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