Day 3: Practically Perfect!

Steve:  I know my wife.  Yes I do!  Today, we have plans to spend the day inside at the movie theater and a restaurant while visiting with some friends who are here from Virginia.  (Thanks for coming Eric and Sharayah!)  After that Heather has her finance class.  Now because I am a good listener…HA HA HA…I know that she will probably complain about being cold in at least one of those places.  I am going to prevent that.

Day 3:  Blue Jeans and a Cream Top that has kind of a fancy neckline and sleeves with Brown Sandals

Day 3 outfit

I like this outfit.  The shirt is fancy enough to not be considered a t-shirt, so it has a multitude of uses.  If she needed to go out after class or wanted to make it a little fancier, she could throw on a light jacket or something.  The jeans fit her really well..(what jeans wouldn’t.)  And I think they are the perfect fade for this shirt.  Any lighter and the shirt would be too light, any darker and the contrast might be a little to jarring, but what do I know.

Day 3 ShoesThis isn’t a very good picture of the shoes, but they are just basic sandals anyway.  There is no back at all.  The tassels make them a little fancier, which kind of ties nicely into the flaring, and hanging sleeve on the shirt if I do say so myself.

Plus, you can still see Heather’s cute toes.  Woo hoo!

Time for Heather’s perspective on today’s outfit.  Whadda you think sweetheart?


I like how Steve put so much thought into the intricate details of how he described the shirt ruffle and shoe design. He’s a fashionista! This outfit definitely fit today’s activities and I’m blessed to have a husband who listens! It was perfect for the movies and for school and it was comfortable and I’m all about comfort. I do love these jeans and just like yesterday’s skirt are some of the clothing items I repeat often as Steve mentioned. So, again I’m a bit sad that I’ve worn them for the month, maybe I can sneak in a repeat wear…but, oh wait that would allow him to win the challenge!


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