Day 2: Studying at Home

Steve:  So one of the things I wanted to make sure I would do during our dress up experiment is to make sure I am conscious of what Heather has planned for the day.  I mean, it wouldn’t make sense to put her in Jeans and a sweater if she was going to the beach now would it.  So, my plan is to make sure that I ask Heather what her day looks like before I pick out an outfit.

With that said, here is Day 2:  Khaki mini skirt, with lightweight tank top and flip flops.

Day 2 outfit

For some reason I like Heather in skirts and this one is no exception.  I picked it because it looks more comfortable and casual than some of the others in her closet.  I guess it reminded me of a pair of shorts I would wear to go to the library or anywhere where I would be sitting for long periods of time.    The tank top is a mix of colors including some greens, blues and lavendar.  There is a little fun beneath the bust line with the ribbon.  I also like that it flairs out a little at the bottom and has a bit of a ruffle to it.  Adds a little to a simple tank I guess.

Day 2 shoesThe flip flops are simple, but has that little bit of design to them that Heather likes.  I guess the light tan straps and the brown middles go with the rest of the ensemble.  Those toes are still cute too.

Overall, I think I did pretty good today.  Not a hard outfit to put together I know, but if you are going to have an easy day, then, in my mind, this is the type of outfit you are going to need.  Agree?

I wonder what Heather thinks?  To see her thoughts on this outfit, continue reading.


This is definitely an easy, comfortable outfit. I wear this skirt all the time! It’s the perfect outfit for lounging around and reading my Finance book, which is what I’m doing most of today. Yuck! The only thing about this top is it is a bit long and when it hangs over the back pockets of this skirt, it makes my butt look bigger so I usually tuck the top under, but Steve likes the ruffle on the bottom. When looking at these pictures, I realize it’s not as bad as I think it looks so I don’t mind it being out. It’s weird how your perception of yourself is so different than when you look at pictures of yourself. Overall, another good job by Steve! I don’t think I’ve ever paired these items together, but I will be sad that I won’t be able to wear this skirt again this month! 😦


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