Day 1: Headed to Church

 Steve:  Ok, so today is the first day of our challenge, and I wanted to keep it simple.  First, here is a picture of her closet.  I don’t

Her side of the closet!
Her side of the closet!

know how anyone with this many clothes can say they don’t have anything to wear.  I could understand, “I am looking at the same clothes.”  or, “I don’t think I want to wear this polka dotted top anymore,” but not, “I have nothing to wear.”  Clearly, you do!

As I stated in my post yesterday, my challenge is quite simple.  I have to pick out 30 outfits in the next 30 days.  Heather’s challenge is simple as well.  She has to wear the clothes I pick out without complaint.  She can veto two choices over the next 30 days.  I don’t think she will need to though.

Don’t worry folks, I know we’re in Florida!  I am not going to puther in sweaters as if it is Christmas in Canada.   I will be reasonable.  Let’s begin!

Day 1:  White, Green and Yellow Sundress with/ White kitten heel sandals.

Lovely dress for Church
Lovely dress for Church

Heather and I actually picked this dress out together one day at a Dillards in Manhattan, Kansas.  I think our eyes were drawn to it because of the colors.  We went to school at USF in Tampa and the colors are green and gold.  The dress kind of fits that color scheme.

I love when Heather wears dresses, and so this was a no brainer for day 1.  I love the dress and think it works very well on her.  I don’t really like the shoes though, but since they were in the closet, I figured I could get over it for a day.  Here is a closer shot of the shoes.

Not my favorite shoes, but they match
Not my favorite shoes, but they match

Cute toes huh!

 I think this was a successful day, but then again it’s hard to mess up a dress with a pair of sandals that pretty much go with anything.   I hope Heather likes this outfit still, cause she certainly needs to wear it more often.  Let’s see what she thinks.


I, too agree this is a fun, easy dress and of course the perfect colors of our alma mater. Go Bulls! It was a good start for day 1. I know he hates the shoes, but I still think they’re cute and fun! And, oh by the way to rebut on his comments about the amount of clothes in my closet…it’s really not that much in comparison to other friends’ closets I’ve seen. I purge my clothes much more often than most girls and don’t really think he should complain, but we’ll see how he does with this challenge. Bring it!


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